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What We Do

Being Singapore’s largest cat specialty store, CatSmart has deep expertise in all things feline. We offer friendly services and solutions to meet all your cat's needs. With a comprehensive understanding of cats, we are very passionate about providing premium products from our vast collection of high-quality furniture to food. Our goal is to improve the lives of all cats and the humans who care for them.

Why CatSmart?

Because at CatSmart, we treat every cat as if it was our own by providing it with the best necessities throughout its life.

We are a team of experienced professionals with over 20 years of expertise in the pet industry, who will be able to address any concerns regarding your cat.

Our products are meticulously curated by us with the care we always have for our cats. We are committed to supplying excellent pet supplies for you and your beloved cat, at all times.

Being the #1 cat specialty store in Singapore, we offer everything you need at competitive prices. From the comfort of your own home, shop for more than 400+ popular brands — Snappy, Whiskers2Tail, Naturea, and Finesse being the top few at CatSmart.

We go beyond being just a pet supply retailer. We consider ourselves a team committed to providing an extraordinary customer service experience. Our genuine dedication drives us to push the boundaries, striving to surpass expectations and take that extra step to elevate your shopping experience. Your needs are our priority, and this heartfelt approach to service is what sets us apart being the #1 in Singapore's Best Customer Service Providers within the Pet Supply Retail Category

Source ref: The Straits Times, 23 August 2023


Cat-First Approach

CatSmart is created for cat lovers by cat lovers. You and your cat's happiness will always be our top priority. As such, we work hard to do comprehensive research to supply only the best products, as well as offer the best service for you and your cat.

One-Stop Retail Paradise

This is where  everything for your cat can be found, from litter boxes to dryfood and cat accessories. On top of that, we go above and beyond  guaranteeing your purchasing experience is convenient, delivering seven days a week.

Our Vast Selection Of Premium Products

When it comes to acquiring cat products, we have the widest array for you to choose from. Easily choose from over 400+ recognised brands, as well as more than 10,000 products ranging from food to supplements and toys.

Our Promise

We will always be here for you. Our specialists, experts in their fields, would be happy to answer any questions you  have and propose the best solutions for your feline friends. After all, we sincerely believe that cats deserve the best in life.