AFP Juicy Apple
Your cat will never love another apple more than this one! This juicy apple is infused with Catnip, ..
S$9.55 S$10.60
AFP Juicy Lemon
Your cat will never love another lemon more than this one! This juicy lemon is infused with Cat..
S$9.55 S$10.60
AFP Kitty Bird
While it won’t fly away, this catnip-filled little bird still teases at a flurry of batting and capt..
S$6.80 S$8.45
AFP Kitty Cat Fish
Have you ever seen a cat so attached to their fish? This catnip-filled toy is literally proof of the..
S$10.20 S$12.75
AFP Kitty Cat Kicker
Soft. Definitely kick-able. This durable kitty-shaped toy mimics (quite literally) the sensation of ..
S$15.35 S$19.15
AFP Kitty Fat Mouse
With the amount of time your kitty’s gonna spend going after this catnip-filled fat mouse, the only ..
S$6.80 S$8.45
AFP Kitty Feather Ball
Topped with a white feather, these catnip-filled delights are perfect for cats who love to run and c..
S$11.05 S$13.80
AFP Kitty Feather Caterpillar
Ever seen a caterpillar with a feathered-tail? Soft and cuddly, this catnip-filled caterpillar is ju..
S$8.50 S$10.60
AFP Kitty Jumbo Mouse
What’s better than a mouse? A JUMBO mouse. Watch your kitty leap, pound and chase after this not-so-..
S$11.90 S$14.90
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Cat Toys

Like humans, our cats are susceptible to boredom and obesity too. And more than just casual fun, these toys are ideal for promoting your feline’s overall health and well-being through physical exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. There’s no better way to get your felines up and moving about than with this irresistible range of cat toys from CatSmart that is bound to satisfy the inner hunter in every kitty.

Looking for interactive toys to add some additional sparkle to playtime? Browse through our exciting collection of cat toys and get ready to be wowed by what you can find here.