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Pidan Wheeled Pet Carrier

  • Brand: Pidan
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Bring your pets out with style and comfort in the new pidan Wheeled Cabin Pet Carrier!

  • 【Independent Ventilation System】The built-in fan assists air exchange in the carrier,and keeps air circulation inside.
  • 【Shock-Absorbing Design】The shock-absorbing design of the built-in spring with the rubber wheels, reduces bumps and noise during travelling on an uneven road,and brings a more comfortable travel experience to cats.
  • 【Spacious space 】With the internal cushion makes travel more comfortable.The combination of the internal space and the soft cushion + pillow allows cats to take a rest during travel.
  • 【LED lighting 】supports different usage scenarios.Turn on the LED light through the button.The soft light adapts to a low-light environment, allowing an owner to observe the cat’s status at any time.
  • 【One-Way Interactive Window】It is a safe design that facilitates comforting actions.The interactive window can be opened outward through the lock button.When the applied force is removed, the window will automatically close due to the spring force.For safety, the window cannot be opened internally, The adjustable and fixed handle parts make travel easy and effortless.

More Details

Concise Appearance The while box with frosted texture is exquisite and beautiful with high-quality accessories.
Anti-suffocation Holes Four anti-suffocation holes are set on the edge of the window to prevent the danger of suffocation when the back mesh is completely blocked.
Rechargeable Design The fan and lighting systems are both charged through a Type-C charging port (which supports a power bank) with a long battery life.
Lithium battery *A single charge can support the fan running in second gear for about 6 hours, or first gear for about 10 hours, or lighting for about 30-40 hours.
Target User For cats and small dogs
Dimension&Net Weight 19.29×14.17×20.47in,9.0lb
Materials Polycarbonate, Polyester Fiber