Makesure 4 Way Cat Bed Classic White

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Makesure 4 Way Cat Bed

A multi-functional cat bed that allows up to four different variation to suit the needs of every cat. Makesure 4 Way Cat Bed is an innovative and practical cat bed which can be integrated easily into your home environment while satisfying your cat’s curiosity.

Made from eco-friendly plastics. The hollow plastic mat can be filled with cold or hot water to allow your cats to adapt to the different weather.

Different variations:

  • King mode (Full installation for the ultimate lounge bed)
  • Retreat mode (Without the base stand for timid cats that prefer resting in more enclosed areas with more privacy)
  • Cradle mode (Attach with rope and fix on high area for visual stimulation and activities like birdwatching)
  • Bare mode (Without hood for kitties that love to survey their surroundings and bask under the sun)

Comes with cushion and rope.

Dimension : 418 x 392 x 314 mm

Weight : 3.5kg

Rope Dimension - 90 – 175 cm