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Bio PetActive: Evidence-based Approach To Feline Health

Evidence-based research is the way forward. That’s the motto of Bio PetActive, an established pet products brand. The brand dreamed of leveraging the power of veterinary research to advance animal well-being globally. With championing animal welfare at the top of its mind, Bio PetActive— a trade mark belonging to Mar Kimya Veterinary Services LLC — was born in 1998.


Empowering cats to lead healthy, happy lives

Bio PetActive’s special emphasis on research and development (R&D) is one of the main reasons for its success. With a researcher approach, Bio PetActive puts a special focus on R&D and strictly maintains a zero-compromise policy on product quality. As a result, the company is spearheading many innovative pet product breakthroughs in its country.


Levelling up its R&D capacity

Bio PetActive continues its path by continually enhancing its already strong R&D capability. For instance, it is constantly adding dynamic and innovative members to its R&D department, as well as upgrading its R&D laboratories.

The popular brand is now exporting to more than 10 countries with more than 100 products in its product range together with its other brands, meeting increasing domestic and foreign demands.

Choose Bio PetActive; choose scientifically-formulated products to give your feline friends a superior quality of life.


Why Bio PetActive?

Vet-approved: you can have peace of mind because Bio PetActive’s in-house veterinary research experts rigorously test all its products, ensuring they are safe. 

Well-liked by pets: the established brand has a proven track record of delighting numerous cats all over the globe.

Excellent quality: only the best products will reach your hands because Bio PetActive maintains a zero-compromise policy on product quality.

Innovative: Bio PetActive conceptualises unique pet products that will enhance your precious kitty’s quality of life. The brand is the finalist in the 2022 Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Awards - within the Product Innovation - Cat category



Bio PetActive

The healthy and active life of your beloved kitty is in your hands!


Grooming Products

Eye Care:Tear Stain Remover

Ear Care: Ear Cleaning Solution

Hair Care:Regular/ Dry Shampoos




Joint Supplement:
GlucoGHOND Plus Gel

Immune System Supplement:
Felilysine L-Lysin Tablet/ Gel

Hairball Control Supplement:
CatiMalt Plus Hairball Control

Digestive Supplement:
Synbioflora Prebiotic and Probiotic

Urinary Supplement:
Bio-Urinamin Vitamin C Tablet w Cranberry

Dental Supplement:
Biodent Oral & Dental Care

Milk Supplement:
Milk Replacer For Kittens And Mother

Omega Supplement:
OptiBiomega Fish Oil

Vitamin Supplement:
VitaliCat Tablets/Pastes