SOLD OUT Plouffe Anti-bacteria Double Bowl

Plouffe Anti-bacteria Double Bowl

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Provide relief for your cat’s neck with this Plouffe Anti-bacteria Bowl. It’s elevated base platform helps to reduce discomfort for the neck.

Bowls are made from sturdy and durable PC material which does not break easily nor contain any chemicals. Improve your cat’s overall health with its anti-bacteria properties which prevents your cat’s food and water from harbouring 99% of bacteria.

  • Transparent design for easy monitoring
  • Suitable for senior cats and cats with neck/back problem
  • Durable plastic bowl material
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Bowls are easy to remove and clean
  • Rubberised edge on base for stable and comfy eating experience


Bowl Diameter: 12.5cm 

Total Length of Stand: 27.5cm

Heigth: 6 – 9cm

Width: 13.5cm

Capacity: 200ml


About Plouffe

About Plouffe

Plouffe offers a wide range of food and water bowls to accommodate the needs of your cats and dogs. The team is guided by the love of their work and the constant need for motivation, so Plouffe has you covered if you're in the market hunting for high-quality pet food and water bowls for all your pet needs!

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