Tom Cat Pakeway Elevated Pet Feeder White And Green

Tom Cat Pakeway Elevated Pet Feeder White And Green

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With this Tom Cat Pakeway Elevated Pet Feeder, your pet will be able to eat and drink from a more comfortable height. This durable pet feeder is easy to clean and it's ideal for pets that enjoy the extra height or have difficulty bending down low to eat. With easy to grip sides, this feeder will make moving it around a breeze. 


Key Benefits

-Allow pets to eat and drink at a more comfortable height.

-Durable and easy to clean.

-Sides that are easy to grab for simple handling

-Perfect for pets that prefer an elevated choice, as well as those that have difficulty bending low to obtain food and water.



381 x 188 x 100 mm (Bowl Rack)

129 mm (Bowl Diameter) 


About Tom Cat

About Tom Cat

Tom Cat has always been known for producing well-designed goods with cats and their owners in mind. Continuous innovation and development have resulted in highly rated products for pet essentials such as functional cat litter boxes, pet fountains, pet grooming tools and more.

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