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A brand belonging to Gimborn, GimCat has been creating magical moments between kitties and humans. The German market leader proudly produces a wide range of premium cat treats as well as toys and supplements, which have been delighting numerous kitties worldwide. Its incredible ISO-certified products provide the quality you can trust. Choose GimCat for a meow-tastic experience!

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GimCat  Toy Catnip Flower (random colour)
GimCat Catnip Teaser Fish (random pattern) 40cm
GimCat Dream Catcher Ball with Suction Cups 53cm
GimCat Dream Catcher Roll with Suction Cups 53cm
GimCat Dream Catcher Star with Suction Cups 53cm
GimCat Feather Teaser with Triple Tail 46cm
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Bee
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Chicken
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Fox
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Frog
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Lady Bug
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Mouse
GimCat Plush Toy Coco Rabbit
GimCat Plush Toy Tuttifrutti Apple
GimCat Plush Toy Tuttifrutti Banana
GimCat Plush Toy Tuttifrutti Orange
GimCat Plush Toy Tuttifrutti Pear
GimCat Plush Toy Tuttifrutti Strawberry
GimCat ShinyCat Filet in Gravy Chicken w Tuna 70g
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