Pawise Cat Corner Cat Post Kail

The Corner Cat Post Kail is a stylish, back-to-basic design that fits snugly in one corner; making t..

S$16.20 S$20.25

Pawise Cat Post Cat Cradle

This deluxe cat tree comes with multiple plush-covered platforms and a soft cradle that is perfect f..

S$132.60 S$165.75

Pawise Cat Post Cat Hens

Looking for a new favourite place to introduce to your kitty? The Cat Hens features two vertical sea..

S$42.80 S$53.40

Pawise Cat Post Cat Play Pen

The Pawise Cat Play Pen is a singular, vertical scratching pole that is packed with amazing fun. The..

S$35.05 S$43.80

Pawise Cat Post Cat Scratching Perch

Up-and-down. Down-and-up. The Cat Scratching Perch features a classic design that serves to provide ..

S$57.30 S$71.60

Pawise Cat Post Cat Tower

Designed with your cat’s comfort and needs in mind, the Cat Tower features a comfortable viewing pla..

S$127.50 S$159.35

Pawise Cat Post Cat Venus

Perfect for the little ones with pent-up energy, the Cat Venus features a cosy little hideout for ki..

S$95.80 S$119.75

Pawise Cat Post Cat's Den

A cosy hideout with a rooftop view, the Cat’s Den has everything your kitty needs to stimulate his n..

S$100.95 S$126.15

Pawise Cat Post Gato Podium

More is always better with this multi-scratch podium that comes complete with three scratching posts..

S$63.30 S$79.10

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