Full Cat Grooming $120
Basic Grooming Included Additional Styling (shaved down / de-shed or scissor trim)
Basic Grooming $80
Bathing, Conditioning, Drying, Brushing Nail Cutting with Paw Pad Fur Trim Ear Cleaning
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A-la Cart Services
Nail Cutting with Paw Pad Fur Trim $20Ear Cleaning $20Specific Area Fur Trim $20
Flea & Tick Treatment $25 (+$15 Revolution)Severe Matting $202-way Transport $20
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Cat Grooming Services in Singapore

Giving your cat an awesome grooming service is the same as pampering them with a spa-like treatment. Like us, you cat also need to be cleaned and groomed. Like the saying goes, a clean cat is a happy cat. As cat lovers, we would want our beloved cats to be cleaned and well-groomed.
Grooming your cat also helps to them to maintain better health. Brushing their fur will help to maintain a shiny and healthy coat, cleaning their ears will help to prevent dirt from building up in their ears, grooming enables you to check for fleas and ticks, and grooming frequently will help to prevent your cat from swallowing too much hair.
CatSmart provides exceptional and professional cat grooming services in Singapore with our best cat groomers to give your feline friend a comfortable and happy grooming experience.

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If you have a cat as a pet at home, then you must have by now noticed its grooming habits and needs. A cat can easily put the most grooming conscious person to shame with its grooming habits. You must have noticed that a cat puts most of its waking hours for self-grooming. It would simply find a comfortable place to lie down and would just go on and on grooming itself. It would lick its paws and wash its face, lick its own limbs and get rid of any loose dirt by itself. We can easily say that cats are the most grooming conscious pets that we can have at home.
We know that the cat can groom itself and keep itself clean, but that doesn’t mean that a little human intervention would hurt. If we observe closely then we will find that cat’s always put a lot of their saliva on their body. Though this is a natural way of grooming itself for the cat, but it is not a very good practice if we look at it closely. The cat might end up licking and swallowing a lot of its own fur, which might not be a very healthy habit after all. And some people might even find the idea of picking up or petting a cat covered in its on saliva as gross. That’s where the role of a professional cat groomer and cat grooming services becomes important. Professional cat groomers know exactly what is good for the cat and what is not, so they groom the cat accordingly but giving it a nice bath, clipping its nails etc. The cat owner must definitely consider finding a reputable cat groomer to take care of the cat grooming needs. CatSmart is a cat grooming service in Singapore which has best and cheap cat groomers to take care of your cat.
We can do a lot of things to help keep the cat in perfect health and grooming stage. For once we can take the help of internet and learn about techniques of cat grooming and the other way is to find a good cat grooming service in Singapore like CatSmart. The offer the best cat grooming services in Singapore. They have the best groomers across Singapore who have expert level skills to groom your cat. You might think that the services of a professional cat groomer might come at a very high cost, but one you approach as you will find that the charges are cheap when compared to the services that we are offering for cat grooming anywhere in Singapore, we are available everywhere.
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You can take care of the cats grooming needs at home or can opt for cat grooming services of professional cat groomers who are available at CatSmart.
Our cat groomers are the best in Singapore. They have excellent skills in handling your cat and making it feel at home. They carefully analyze the behavior and grooming requirements of your cat and then work accordingly. They take the best approach in cat grooming services. Cat groomers at CatSmart are the best when it comes to cat grooming services like bathing your cat every once in a while, putting shampoo and conditioner to keep the fur coat shiny and nourished, hair grooming, nail clipping etc.
The services of our cat groomers are available across Singapore. Our cat groomers will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the grooming of your cat. We take all the responsibility as we have expert cat groomers who offer excellent cat grooming services. We take the tension of cat grooming away from you and never let your cat be smelly, dirty or matted.
Leave all the grooming needs to us and we will take care of your cat’s grooming needs.

Highest Quality Cat Grooming Services in Singapore

Our expert cat groomers are available across this region for any cat grooming related services that you might need for your cat. The services of our expert cat groomers in Singapore are available at a cheap price when you compare it with other service providers providing the same standard of services as ours. Our cat groomers in Singapore are experts in their work and have been in this field of work for a considerable amount of time. Our cat groomers in Singapore are not only professionals, but they are also passionate cat lovers. So you can be assured that your cat will definitely feel at home with them as our cat grooming service experts are well trained in the behavioral patterns of the cats and treat them accordingly.

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Catsmart have expert cat groomers available in Singapore for all your cat grooming needs. We offer to you cheap and reliable service as far as cat grooming in concerned in Singapore. Our trained cat groomers are well trained in every grooming service that your cat might need and they do it with a level of expertise that can only come with the years of experience that they have in this field of service.
Contact CatSmart for all your cat grooming service needs across Singapore, our expert cat groomers are available all across the city and don’t charge a bomb for cat grooming services.