Hobo Silky Tearless Shampoo 518ml
With lanolin & protein For cats & kittens Non-irritating to eyes ..
S$13.10 S$16.40
Hobo Snowy White Shampoo 518ml
Brightens and whitens white coats Remove coat stains and yellowing quickly Conditions as..
S$12.70 S$15.90
JoyPet Dry Foam Shampoo 200ml
No water/rinsing necessary  Silky and smooth finish Hyaluronic acid gives moisture to sk..
S$14.40 S$16.90
Lion Mild Foaming Shampoo For Puppy & Kitten 230ml
An easy shampoo for puppies and kittens. Wash around the face taking care not to make contact w..
S$18.70 S$22.00
Lion Quick & Rich Shampoo Fragrance Free 200ml
The Lion Quick & Rich Fragrance-Free Treatment Shampoo has a smooth texture that can lather..
S$18.95 S$22.30
Lion Quick & Rich Shampoo Light Fragrance Lavender 200ml
The Lion Quick & Rich Relaxing Lavender Treatment Shampoo has a smooth texture that lather ..
S$18.95 S$22.30
Natural Pet Ultracoat Dry Shampoo 250g
This dry shampoo is specially formulated as an easy waterless way to keep your pet’s fur clean, lust..
S$21.25 S$25.00
Naturel Promise Fresh & Soothing Waterless Foaming Shampoo 325ml
Fresh & Soothing Natural Waterless Shampoo is made with natural ingredients you can trust! Our u..
S$14.90 S$17.50
Nootie Daily Spritz Conditions & Moisturizes Spray Coconut Lime Verbena 236ml
Nootie’s Germ Fighting Daily Spritz - Lightly scented with our Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance will k..
S$14.95 S$18.70
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Cat Shampoo & Conditioner

A healthy skin and coat is important to your cat’s overall well-being and - despite their blatant dislike for baths - occasional showers are sometimes necessary. If you’re looking for quality and variety, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our experts at CatSmart have amassed a wide collection of premium cat shampoo and conditioner - and we’re always happy to suggest products that are specifically catered to your kitty's skin type.