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Francodex Catnip Spray for Kittens & Cats 200ml

Francodex Catnip Spray for Kittens & Cats 200ml

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Formulated with catnip floral water, and calming euphoria-inducing properties, the Francodex Catnip Spray helps reassure your pet. It can be used when introducing your pet to a new environment, stimulation purpose, inside his carrying bag...

  • For well-being
  • Stimulates the play instinct
  • Allows cats to adopt a new environment


Water, catnip floral water (Nepeta cataria), witch hazelbfloral water*.

*Ingredient product of organic farming


Recommended Usage:

Spray the product on toys, the basket, the cat tree, carrying bag or any other area where you want your cat to feel comfortable. Renew every two weeks until your cat completely stops scratching.


About Francodex

About Francodex

Since 1985, the Francodex Laboratory has been an animal health and wellness specialist. Based in France, the Francodex Laboratory is an innovator in many hygiene and animal care products and offers a whole range of good quality products that are dedicated to the health and well-being of pets.

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