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Zolux Grey Cat Kali Toy Bunny With Catnip

  • Brand: Zolux
  • Product Code: 580730GRI
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Tags: Catnips, Zolux


Games for cats. Soft and robust, this toy is perfect to meet the needs of your favourite feline. An ideal plush toy that will help your cat let off steam, the toy with catnip herb (100% natural) guarantees great distraction via a euphoric effect with anti-stress action (without any risk or side effects). Hence, this adorable toy will relax and entertain your kitty for a long time, making it much happier.


Offering many advantages, the plush has the following traits:

  • silent design such that your cat can play with the toy for hours without disturbing your household
  • provides mental and physical stimulation/enrichment for your cat, reducing its risk of acquiring behavioural disorders due to boredom
  • durable value-for-money product that will reduce your expenses because of its high resistance to scratches and nipping


Product to be used under the supervision of the owner. The condition of the game must be checked regularly to avoid any risk of ingestion of small pieces by the animal.


Size 11 x 5 cm