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SOLD OUT Plouffe Automatic Snail-shaped Pet Water Dispenser 2.8L Grey

Plouffe Automatic Snail-shaped Pet Water Dispenser 2.8L Grey

  • Brand: Plouffe
  • Product Code: CS2017000301
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Tags: Food & Water Dispenser / Container / Covers, Plouffe, Accessories


It is important for your pet to remain hydrated. With the Plouffe Automatic Snail-shaped Pet Water Dispenser, you can keep fresh water running! This convenient, easy-to-clean automated water dispenser can ensure that your pets have easy access to an ample supply of water, making it suitable for pet parents with hectic schedules.



-Gravity Flow Technology: As your pets’ drink, this self-watering pet bowl steadily fills, ensuring an extended supply of fresh water with fewer refills provided by pet owners.

-Fresh Water Anytime: This gravity water bowl is an excellent option for busy pet owners, as it provides pets with fresh water whenever they need it.

-Large Capacity: So, you don't have to be concerned about your adorable pet even though you're not at home.

-High-Density Microporous Filter: To remove residual chlorine and elimination of odour


Size : 23.8cm x 30cm

Capacity: 2.8L