Tom Cat Pakeway Small Anti-tracking Litter Tray Dark Blue And Yellow

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The Tom Cat Pakeway Large Anti-tracking Litter Tray provides a spacious but private space for cats to relieve themselves. A rim around the sides and rear wall keeps litter and spray inside the box while also serving as a privacy barrier. Cats can easily step in and out of the box due to the lowered front side, and there is a built-in litter trapping mechanism at the box's entrance to keep your cats' paws clean before they leap out of the litter box.


The detachable top rim and open-box design allow for easy scooping of litter and spot cleaning of minor messes. This sturdy litter box is made of high-quality plastic, so it can withstand plenty of digging and pawing.


-Detachable top rim and open-box design makes it easy to clean

-Made from, sturdy, high-quality plastic

-Spacious and provides a private space for the cats


Dimensions: L 447.5 x W 334.3 x H 189 mm


About Tom Cat

About Tom Cat

Tom Cat has always been known for producing well-designed goods with cats and their owners in mind. Continuous innovation and development have resulted in highly rated products for pet essentials such as functional cat litter boxes, pet fountains, pet grooming tools and more.

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