COSI Pet's Milk 1 Litre (3 Packs)

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COSI is a formulated and highly delicious milk for pets of all ages. Lactose, the sugar found in regular milk can cause upset tummies for pets. COSI Pet’s Milk has broken down the lactose making it easier for your furry friend to digest.
Uncle Cosimo was a dairy farmer in the beautiful South-West of Western Australia. After each day’s milking Cosi would take a bucket of milk to feed his pet dogs and cats. Now your pets can enjoy the goodness of milk with COSI Pet’s Milk.
For pets of the mammalian variety, including cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits. Excludes reptiles, amphibians & birds.


Homogenized & Pasteurised Full Cream Milk, Enzymes (Lactase).