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Pet Horizon Orrific Dental Rinse 100ml

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Tags: Dental / Oral Care, Pet Horizon


Use Pet Horizon ORrific Dental Rinse on your pet twice a day for a fresh, clean, odor-free mouth! ORrific! Soothing and refreshing rinse for daily use to maintain clean teeth and fresh breathe. Specially formulated to safety remove plaque and tartar controls oral disease. Provides temporary relief for minor gum irritation and is safe for your pet to swallow. Use as a rinse or with a toothbrush.


  • Anti-Plaque & Anti-Bacteria
  • No-rinse formula
  • Promotes gum healing
  • Cleans and refreshes without irritation
  • For use to control plaque, tartar and gum diseases


Deionized water, Sorbitol, Citric acid, Glycerin, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Peppermint oil.


Apply twice a day or as directed by your veterinarian. Gently lift up to lips to expose the teeth and gums with one hand, apply Dental rinse into the mouth and gently massage over the teeth and gums until the surfaces (toothsides) are thoroughly wet.

For better results: Apply dental rinse onto toothbrush and brush teeth and gums with a gentle motion. Re wet the brush with dental Rinse as needed. Alternatively you may moisten a cotton gauze or cloth with Dental Rinse before massaging on to teeth and gums