Catidea Luxury Double Open Petfood Container 10kg Pink

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  • Product Code: CI-035P
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Tags: Food & Water Dispenser / Container, Catidea


CATIDEA’s food storage container is durable, sturdy, and keeps dry food and treats fresh for consumption. The hermetically sealed, airtight, dual open lid allows for huge contents to be poured into the container at a go, while the small lid allows for easy access to your cat or dog’s daily serving of food. Each container comes with a food scoop and has compartments under the lid for storage of desiccants for added preservability.

  • Comes with food scoop and compartments for desiccants
  • Keeps dry food matter or treats fresher, longer!
  • Large (35L) - 50 x 30 x 43.5cm (contains 10 to 12.5kg of food.