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Armonto Perfect Pet Dinner Feeder

  • Brand: Armonto
  • Product Code: AM-271-200F2
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Tags: Food & Water Dispenser / Container / Covers, Armonto


Feed your pet on a programmed schedule with the convenience of automatic portion control by this Armonto Perfect Pet Dinner Feeder

With this Armonto Pet Feeder, monitoring your pet’s food for weight control or other dietary needs is consistent and very convenient too 

Features :

Simply to set, easy to read the programming LCD panel

Can be kept anywhere in your home, complement to any room enviroment in your house

Pet owner’s record/play voice, to call the pet at meal time , total 3 timer voice recall

Large LCD panel display the Current time, meals programmed, portion per meal, battery status 

Handles any ranges of dry food sizes/shapes/types

The food hopper can be as a storage compartment, is tight enough to keep food dry and fresh

Dimenson: 38.8 * 21.8 * 38.6 cm

Weight: 1.7kg

5.5 liters can hold about 2 kg of feed

Particle size is recommended not to exceed 1cm in diameter