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SOLD OUT Catlink AI Smart Home Bundle (Baymax Scooper SE + Feeder + Fountain)

Catlink AI Smart Home Bundle (Baymax Scooper SE + Feeder + Fountain)

  • Brand: Catlink
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Limited Time Offer: Catlink AI Smart Home Bundle (Baymax Scooper SE + Feeder + Fountain)

Catlink Automatic Litter Box Baymax Scooper SE With Stairway
CATLINK litter box is equipped with patented real-time tracking health pro tech, an obstruction-free space & 8-layer safety protection, your furry kitty can explore and play safely without getting stuck or hurt. There is always keeping an open layout, you'll know when your cat needs a little extra attention.


•    Auto Cleaning: Automatically cycling to clean the cabin a few moments after the cat's business.
•    Scheduled Cleaning: it allows you to travel far away with no worries and no more daily litter maintenance anxiety!
•    One-Button Cleaning: no complicated setting is required, the device will start the cleaning process just with one button.
•    The app recognizes and records the weight, pooping patterns, frequency & duration of every cat's business.
•    A whopping 65L capacity allows your feline friend to do their business in comfort. The capacity also allows the smart litter box to accommodate multiple cats, making it an ideal option for households with big-boned cats.
•    The smart litter box also comes with an equally smart litter mat that's non-stick, scratch-resistant, leak-proof, and antibacterial! Replace the constantly torn-up mats with this more durable, long-lasting solution. No more chasing litter particles all around your house.
•    CATLINK's large capacity also comes with a 7-liter waste bin, which can hold up to two weeks of waste for a single cat, or up to 15 days for smaller cats.
•    With its easy-to-move wheels, you can switch up its location with no struggle.


Product Description:
Material: PP color: White
Rated voltage: 12V 2A
Rated power: 24W

CATLINK STAIR LITTER TRAPPER specially for Catlink Cat Automatic Litter Box Baymax Scooper SE
**Accessory for CATLINK Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box. In order for the cat litter box to serve more cats and cat keepers, CATLINK has designed a series of accessories to optimize the cat litter box for pet owners with different needs to choose from. The Ramp is an optimized solution for cats who have limited mobility, and cannot easily enter the litter box.
•    More Accessible Entry: Most cats are able to get into CATLINK litter box. CATLINK stair makes it more comfortable and easier for elder cats, kittens, and munchkin cats.
•    Effective Litter Trapper: All litter from the litter box or cats' paws, will fall through the holes and get collected in the stair. You could easily open the rear side exit on the stairs and dump the collected litter back into the litter box. With the help of a slip-resistant base, the stair doesn't move no matter how cats gambol on it.
•    Storage Space: The stair perfectly clings to the contours of all Catlink litter boxes. The inside of the pedal is hollow, you could also use this space to store litter box liners, cat litter, or other cats' sundries
•    Easy to Clean: You can easily open the grid cover. All parts of the stairs made of PP material can be immersed in water for cleaning.
Dimension: 54.3*40.2*10.6cm


Choose the Colour for Catlink Smart Feeder A1:

The CATLINK ONE Smart Feeder provides your pets with the most convenient, safe, and healthy way to feed!
To top it all off, you won’t have to worry about power running out as you can plug in a portable charger which will keep it running.

•    Shows the amount of surplus in the bowl in grams
•    Record the health data of your cats that are linked with the feeder
•    The feeder logs and records the times that your cat has eaten every day.
•    Shows each meal session’s duration and the amount of food that has been eaten.
•    The feeder can send real-time status alert messages through the app
•    Comes with a safety lock feature designed for families with children
•    Has health monitoring functions that allow you to check the status of your cats consistently
•    A specially designed U-shaped bowl allows your cats’ whiskers to not only fit comfortably but also allow an easy wash.

What’s In the Box:
CATLINK ONE Feeder x 1
Ceramic Bowl x 1
Power adapter x 1
Manual x 1

Product Specification:
•    Brand name: CATLINK ONE Young Smart Pet Feeder
•    Product Model: CL-F-02
•    Primary Material: HIPS
•    Network Connection Method: WIFI
•    Food Bucket Capacity: 3.5litres
•    Rated Voltage: 5V
•    Rated Power: 1.5W
•    Product Weight: 6kg
•    Feeder Dimensions: 390x226x397mm
•    Bowl: Lead-Free Ceramic Bowl

Colours Available:
•    White
•    Mint

Catlink Water Fountain A1 Pure 2.3L
The CATLINK Smart Fountain is the Rolls Royce of water dispensers for cats. With a capacity of 2.3 liters, this fountain can water your cat for almost 2 weeks! Silent and aesthetic, all cats love it! This fountain is particularly solid and has a base, your cat will not be able to knock it over!
•    App-controlled multi-cat health monitoring 7*24 hours
•    Ceramic water tray prevents bacteria growth and dishwasher safe
•    Seven-fold water purification filter with filter cotton and activated carbon
•    2300ml large capacity up to 10 days of fresh water
•    Efficiently flushes out impurities and floating hair
•    APP refill reminder ensures your cat is always hydrated and healthy
Voltage: 5V
Capacity: 2.3L
Weight & Size
Package Weight: 2.66kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 22.7x22.7x32.5cm

Looking for the best automatic cat litter box? Look no further. With the smart AI home life system, Cat Link devices are linked up through your mobile phone, giving you accurate data on your furbabies' growth. Think Smart, Think Automatic, Think Cat Link.