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Air-Dried Foods for Cats

Air-dried foods are manufactured by placing raw ingredients into drying chambers, where the air is continually circulated such that moisture is slowly evaporated.

Importantly, air-dried diets are highly nutritious and offer the same level of convenience as kibbles.

We recommend Ziwi Peak’s wholesome air-dried food. Ziwi Peak’s air-dried food contains high-quality protein, glucosamine and chondroitin, giving your beloved kitty all the vitality it needs.


Is air-dried cat food safe?

Yes, air-dried cat food is safe. The process of air drying locks in nutritional value with minimal processing and kills harmful bacteria. Furthermore, air-fried food has a long shelf life.

Is air-dried cat food raw?

Rest assured, air-dried cat food is not raw. Air-dried food does an excellent job preserving nutrients while eliminating bacteria. Thus, it is much safer than raw food.

Is air-dried the same as dehydrated?

The process of air-drying is extremely similar to dehydration. However, unlike dehydration, air-drying does not involve heat. This helps to retain the natural goodness of ingredients (e.g proteins, vitamins, nutrients).

Is air-dried food better than kibble?

Generally speaking, air-dried food tends to be more nutritious than standard kibble because it undergoes less processing.

What's the difference between freeze-drying and air-drying?

Both are food preservation methods that eliminate moisture that is required for bacterial growth. Nonetheless, simply put, freeze-drying involves dehydration in a vacuum whereas air-drying involves air circulation to induce moisture evaporation.

Benefits of air-dried cat foods

- Air-dried pet food is easier to digest than dehydrated food

- Air-dried food offers you convenience because it has a long shelf life

- Air-dried food delivers a similar nutritional level as a raw diet and is thus very nutritious