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Every meal will become a memorable feast for your beloved kitty! Give your beloved pets moments of gustatory happiness. High in moisture and packed with protein, GimCat ShinyCat’s nourishing and mouth watering premium snacks will leave cats craving for more. 

Importantly, the ShinyCat Filet series is made with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely 0% additives, thus allowing your kitty to experience the nutritional power of wholefood ingredients.

The ShinyCat Filet canned food boasts the delicious taste and aroma of fresh, mouth-watering chicken and tuna.
-only natural ingredients;
-without dyes, flavor enhancers and GMOs.
-Its high moisture content is especially key since most cats are particularly susceptible to becoming dehydrated. Helps kitties to quench their thirst the tasty way.
-Chicken is said to contribute to healthy bones and teeth for cats, whereas Tuna is thought to contribute to healthy coat and fur. 
-Purrfect for kitties who can’t choose between chicken and tuna! This classic recipe has high palatability.
Chicken 47%, Tuna 4%, Rice
Analytical Components
Protein 16%, Crude Fat 1%, Crude Fiber 0.5%, Crude Ash 0.5%, Moisture 81%
Recommendation for use:
small cats - 1 can per day
medium cats - 2 cans per day
large cats - 3 cans per day.
Weight 70g
A brand belonging to Gimborn, GimCat has been creating magical moments between kitties and humans. The German market leader proudly produces a wide range of premium cat treats as well as toys and supplements, which have been delighting numerous kitties worldwide. Its incredible ISO-certified products provide the quality you can trust. Choose GimCat for a meow-tastic experience!