Earth Pet Staminol Hairball Care 50g

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Arranged dietary fibres excrete hairball from the body while the supplement nutrition


  • Cat’s favourite tuna taste 

  • Rich in DHA which is also contained abundantly in nerve cells in eyes and brain

  • Vitamins and minerals are arranged optimally

  • Taurine as cats essential nutrients is arranged

  • L-carnitine is also arranged


Sugar. wheat germ oil. vegetable oils and fats. refined salmon fish oil (containing DHA). powdered soy protein. glucose. cellulose. L.carnitine. preservatives (dehydroacetate Na. paraoxybenzoic acid). taurine. vitamins (A . D3. E. B1. B2. B6. nicotinamide. pantothenic acid. folic acid. B12. choline). minerals (Na. Cl. P. K. Ca. Zn. Fe. I. Mn. Cu)