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Codos Grinder Stone

Codos Grinder Stone, compatible with the Codos Nail Grinder (CP-3300 or CP-3301) ..

S$18.70 S$22.00
Codos Pet Clipper Replaceable Blade

A replaceable blade for the Codos Pet Clipper, Compatible with the following models: - CP-9580..

S$28.80 S$33.90
Gonta Club Cordless Hair Clipper

A cordless hair clipper for convenient trimming of your pet’s fur! Secure waterproofing design..

S$32.30 S$38.00
Marukan Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors

Fur near the buttocks may grow too long causing staining. Paw fur between toes may also get too long..

S$30.85 S$36.30
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