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PPP After Bath Conditioner Spray Detangler & Mointurizes 237ml

An easy spray-on coat conditioner. Works especially well for pets with dry skin. Nourishes the ..

S$11.85 S$14.80
PPP AromaCare 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Cactus Aloe 400ml

Bathe and condition in one easy step!  This luxurious natural cactus and aloe shampoo contain t..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Brightening Juniper Shampoo 400ml

Brightens white coats, as well as intensifies dark and mixed color coats. Uses botanicals, extrac..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Calming Lavender Shampoo 400ml

Calms and soothes the “savage beast” in your loveable pet!  This luxurious shampoo is infused w..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Citrus Flea Defense with Citronella Oil Shampoo 400ml

Aromacare Flea Defense Citrus Shampoo puts nature to work for you and your pet by providing a n..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Clarifying Apple Shampoo 400ml

Specially formulated to restore radiance and shine to your pet’s coat. It gently removes dulling dep..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Detangling Mango Shampoo 400ml

Is infused with nourishing Mango Butter to moisturize and de-tangle your pet’s coat. Regular use wil..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Rejuvenating Argan Shampoo 400ml

Rejuvenates and repairs dry and brittle coats. Restores smoothness, and gives new life to dry, tangl..

S$13.90 S$17.40
PPP AromaCare Revitalizing Eucalyptus Shampoo 400ml

Aromacare Revitalizing Eucalyptus Shampoo cools and invigorates. This luxurious shampoo is infu..

S$13.90 S$17.40
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