Kenford Multi-purpose HDPE Mesh Hexagonal 12mm 010 Grey

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The Multi- Purpose Mesh is Extruded Plastic Netting processed and made of High Density Ployethylene (HDPE).
It have the perfomance of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, high-tensilestrength, high electrical resistance, UV stabilised long service life and flexibility for easy construction.
With economic cost, plastic mesh is used in replacement of metal wire mesh in many area.

Product Features:

a) Water resistance, heat resistance (+100 C), rust proof. 
b) Durable and resists soil & sea water corrosion. 
c) Acid resistance & alkaline resistance to environmental corrosion
d) Insoluble by various kinds of chemical & solvents. 
e) Low temperature down to 60 C do not alter its strength or make it brittle. 
f)  Light, high-tensile strength, highly absorbent. 
g) High electrical resistance and flexibility for easy construction. 
h) High-tensile strength means no warping or twisting. 
i)  Versatile and easy to use. 



High Density Ployethylene (HDPE)
  • Horticulture & Gardening
  • Grass Protection and reinforcement
  • Anti Birds
  • Anti Dog and Cat / Safety Mesh for Pets
  • Playground Facilities
  • Golf Diving Range.
  • District Partition Fences
  • Civils and Construction
  • Shore Protection & Sauce Wire
  • Wind & Sand Proofing
  • Water & Soil Conservation
  • Industrial Application
  • Agriculture, Ranching & Fisheries
  • Furniture Decorations
  • Mattress Manufacturer
  • Packing Materials
  • Sporting Goods & Others
  • Others



Material: High Density Ployethylene - HDPE 

Density: 0.954
Melt Index: 8

Gap Size (Hexagonal): 1.5 x 1.2cm

Roll Size: 0.5 x 2m (Cable Tie Provided)

Additive: Colour Masterbatch with Ultraviolet Stabilizer
Chemical Resistance: To all Naturally Colouring Alkaline and Acidic Conditions has excellent resistance to chemical attacks
Biological Resistance: To attack from bacteria and fungi
Sunlight Resistance: U.V. stabilized have life span of 10 to 15 years without loss of more than 20% of the product strength in temperate climates