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AFP Litter Box Go Fresh Foldable

  • Brand: AFP
  • Product Code: AFP2497
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Tags: Litter Pan, AFP, Housing Needs


This dual entry portable enclosed litter box is sure to suit the needs of your cat. With an easy toggle of the slider you can change the litter box entry from a front entry to a top entry.

A litter scoop can be hung on the side to make cleaning much more convenient. The anti litter tracking top entry and front grill helps keep the litter inside the box.

Can be folded for easy storage and has a sliding draw to make cleaning a much quicker and easier process.

  • PP Resin Material: Strong and durable, not easy to age, no odor that cats can use it with confidence. 
  • Double Door: With top and front entrance. Front entrance door can be locked, and top grid traps the scatter litter to keep your house clean. Cats can jump in and out from the top entry. Preventing litter from scattering outside the box. Satisfying cat’s natural jump and train it to make it more interesting.
  • Enclosed Space: Due to its enclosed design, the Kitten Litter Tray is highly effective at keeping odors at bay. The high sides also ensure that litter and dust stay inside the box instead of scattered on your floors. Also giving your cats privacy when they want to stay alone.
  • Drawer Structure Tray: The Kitten Litter Tray can be fully pull out, easy to clean and change the pet litter. You can keep all the boxes neat, tidy and odor free.
  • Easy to clean: The top is equipped with hollow holes around the cover, preventing litter from being scattering outside the box when your cat jump out from the top. Equipped with the matching cat litter scoop. You can clean around the inner box & the top cover by using this accessories.

Folding size: 19.5 x 15.3 x 4.3 Inch

Assembly size: 19.5 x 15.3 x 16 Inch

Item Weight :  ‎3.29 Kilograms