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Catidea Moire Cat Litter Footstep

  • Brand: Catidea
  • Product Code: 002323
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Tags: Litter Pan, Catidea


The Catidea Moire Cat Litter Footstep can help to avoid litter from scattering and tracking from the litter pan to the floors and around your home. It will contain the litter that has been stuck to your cat's paws when he or she leaves the litter pan. Simply put the Catidea Moire Cat Litter Footstep in front of your cat's litter pan to keep any litter spills or tracking to a minimum. This litter footstep is made of high-quality materials that can hold litter pan safely in place while still being easy to clean.

L 49 x W 34 x H 2.5 CM