Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box Sweet Pink

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Designed for human and feline alike to experience the true satisfaction of communal living, the Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box is a sleek stunner that comes with a magnetic suction cover to keep kitty messes cleverly hidden. The cosy, hut-like design features a round entrance for cats to enter and exit through, and opens out effortlessly for easy cleaning. The product also features innovative, grated steps on the interior to keep your kitty's dirty business confined within the box. Think of it as a built-in litter trapping mat and bid goodbye to frustrating litter tracks.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding appearance
  • Elevated wooden feet design
  • Magnetic suction cover
  • Hidden storage compartment and complimentary scoop
  • Curved filter aisle to reduce tracking
  • Removable litter tray
  • Specifically designed for small-sized residence

Dimension : L640 x W38.5 x H45.7 mm

Entrance size: 180 x 200 mm

Weight : 4.05kg