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Nutriplan: your trusted tuna cat food expert

The story of Dongwon Nutriplan began with its passion for cat wellbeing. Nutriplan acted upon its dream to provide delicious and nutritious cat food by kickstarting its research efforts to optimise feline nutrition. As a result, the brand’s search for the ideal food that kitties truly love was the catalyst for its birth in 1991.    

Outstanding tuna recipes that’ll make your cat’s days

Nutriplan has gone on to specialise in balanced cat food recipes with tuna. After handling the tuna fishes, the tuna cat food expert immediately packages and stores them to ensure their peak freshness. Hence, your feline friend can savour nourishing cat food made from the freshest tuna or other high-quality proteins.


You’re in purrfect hands

Now, Nutriplan is a popular brand that countless cat parents trust. Over the past 30 years, it has exported more than 500 million cans of cat food to Japan, a country with stringent food quality control. It even ranked first in the 2019 Korean Industry Brand Power consumer evaluation Index. This means it had a significantly higher score than other brands in the consumer loyalty categories (e.g. reliability, preference, purchasability & value for money).

Choose Nutriplan; choose beautifully-balanced cat food recipes.


Why Nutriplan?

High protein & low fat:  Protein is cats’ most important source of energy. Nutriplan’s high-protein formulas give your kitties the energy needed for them to lead healthy, active lifestyles. The low-fat content supports felines’ weight loss journey, helping them to look and feel fur-bulous.  

Fresh meat: Indulge your cats. Let them sink their teeth into irresistibly tasty and nutritious cat food loaded with quality meat. We highly recommend Nutriplan’s signature tuna recipes that are made with the freshest tuna. 

Taurine & Arginine:  Tuna is an excellent natural source of essential amino acids (e.g. Taurine and Arginine). Did you know that tuna has one of the highest Taurine concentrations among seafood? These amino acids maintain and enhance feline vision, immunity, mobility, and cardiovascular system.






Deliver taste, happiness, and health to your feline friends



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