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Made from all-natural green pea, Snappy Bean Green Pea Cat Litter is a new and improved cat litter series. With its petite pellets and great absorbing capacity, this 100% biodegradable green pea litter stands out from the rest. The increased surface area of its small pellets enables quicker and better absorption, producing faster and harder clumps for easy clean-ups. Rapid and good clumping also implies exceptional odour control! 

Snappy Bean Green Pea does not contain any synthetic chemicals or dye, thus making it safe for kittens - even in the rare occasion that it gets accidentally ingested. 

  • Smaller Pellets (2mm In Diameter)
  • Ultra-Fast Absorbency 
  • Exceptional Odour Control 
  • Rapid Clumping 
  • 99% Dust Free
  • Flushable And Biodegradable 
  • Non-Tracking And Paw Friendly 

Snappy Recognition:
World Branding Awards 2021 - 2022 
Cleaning and Sanitation - Cat Litter Singapore

About Snappy

About Snappy

Snappy, an award-winning cat litter that has clinched the “Brand of the Year” award at the annual World Branding Awards, is made from materials of the highest quality to offer comfort and ease.Voted the best deoderizing cat litter by our shoppers, Snappy modernized all-natural potty and clean-up experiences to make potty sessions and clean-ups a breeze, enhanced with deodorising and antibacterial capabilities. It also has excellent clumping and odour control capabilities, so no more stinky, sticky cat litter boxes! 

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