Armonto Pet Training Sheets Medium (44cm X 59cm)

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While cats typically use litter boxes, Armonto Pet Training Sheets are a convenient substitute for cats who are recovering from a recent surgery or for older, arthritic cats who find it difficult to jump in and out of their boxes. These highly absorbent sheets can be spread under or in front of the litter box to help catch any ‘misses’, or placed in a quiet location to givev your little one a second choice in terms of bathroom facilities. 

These highly absorbent sheets help prevent 'accidents' when you bring your little one out to play. Older pets will also benefit from these easy training sheets - which are essentially portable toilets. 

  • Highly absorbent sheets
  • Prevents floors from being stained by pet urine
  • Contains 55 sheets
  • Dimensions: 44 x 59cm