SOLD OUT PetFull Smart Water Fountain Brown

PetFull Smart Water Fountain Brown

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Petfull Smart Water Fountain is an ultra-quiet drinking fountain that was designed to provide indoor pets with a constant source of fresh water to encourage better hydration and drinking habits. Moving water naturally has a way to entice your pet to drink more, and this constant circulation inhibits bacteria growth. With three smart working modes, the Petfull Smart Water Fountain can be adjusted to cater to the different needs of finicky drinkers. Replaceable filter units effectively screen impurities and remove bad tastes and odors to keep the water fresh all day long. 

  • Three working modes
  • Triple filtration
  • Ultra-silent water pump
  • Water level indication & alerts
  • Automatic circulation
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and clean

Volume: 2.5L