SOLD OUT Plouffe Double Pet Elevated Bowl

Plouffe Double Pet Elevated Bowl

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With Plouffe Double Pet Elevated Bowl , reduce the strain on your pet’s neck when eating and drinking from their bowl. The bowl comes in a special cat shaped face design!

It’s elevated and tilted bowl helps to ease any discomfort in the neck and relieves indigestion which is good in the long run for your pet’s well-being. 

  • Transparent design for easy monitoring
  • Suitable for senior cats and cats with neck/back problem
  • Durable plastic bowl material
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Bowls are easy to remove and clean


Bowl Diameter : 13cm 

Total Length of Stand : 30.5cm

Heigth : 11.5cm 

Width : 13.5cm

Capacity : 100ml (each bowl)