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Sanyo - Best Canned Cat Food in Singapore


What is Sanyo?

Sanyo is the initial domestically produced canned cat food in Japan that was introduced in 1969. Its primary aim was to provide simplicity by utilising solely fresh, high-quality raw ingredients. Sanyo prioritises the preparation process by excluding unnecessary additives and preservatives, employing rapid cooking techniques, and carefully removing the innards to maintain the tuna's freshness.




Why Should You Choose Sanyo?

Sanyo is a premium cat wet food made with the finest and high-quality ingredients that are even fit for human consumption. Added with vitamins and minerals for essential bodily function, ensuring that your cat receives a diet that prioritises nutritional excellence.


Additionally, Sanyo is completely free from additives, providing a more natural and wholesome meal for your beloved feline. It offers two incredible series -- Sanyo Tama No Densetsu in Jelly and Sanyo Tama No Densetsu in Gravy, featuring a wide range of meat varieties, from succulent Jelly and savoury Gravy to even delectable Oil options.


Sanyo wet food available in 2 series:

Sanyo Tama No Densetsu in Jelly:

  • — Tuna in Jelly for Healthy Weight
  • — Tuna in Jelly
  • — Tuna with Cheese in Jelly
  • — Tuna with Small Fish in Jelly
  • — Tuna with Egg Yolk in Jelly
  • — Tama No Densetsu Tuna Fillet in Jelly
  • — Tama No Densetsu Tuna in Jelly

Sanyo Tama No Densetsu in Gravy:

  • — Tuna with Dried Bonito in Gravy
  • — Tuna in Gravy
  • — Bonito in Gravy
  • — Chicken Fillet in Gravy
  • — Tuna with Rice in Gravy for Kidney Health
  • — Tuna and Chicken Liver in Soybean Oil for Kittens




Key Benefits Of Sanyo Products

  • — High-quality tuna infused with a variety of irresistible flavours
  • — High moisture content to encourage water intake
  • — Prevent urinary tract issues
  • — Smooth and soft texture; easy for digestion
  • — Promote overall digestive health
  • — Lower in calories helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • — Natural and wholesome meal option that is completely free from additives


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