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Pawise Cat Post Vertigo

Pawise Cat Post Vertigo

  • Brand: Pawise
  • Product Code: PAW28601
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Tags: Scratching Furniture, Pawise


With a chic, minimalistic concept, the back-to-basic Pawise Cat Post Vertigo is a stylish scratching post that can fit snugly in any home. Satisfy your kitty’s natural instinct to scratch and play with the vertical seagrass-wrapped pole that comes complete with a colourful ball-and-feather toy. 

Robust and easy to assemble, this scratching post will make a great addition to your cat’s indoor playground.

Fun tip #1: You can place small amounts of catnip or treats on the pole to lure your cat over to investigate and use the scratching pole. 
Fun tip #2: To increase usage of the scratching pole, place it near your cat's bed or areas that your cat often visits or lounges at. 
Product Dimensions: L30x W30x H50cm