Sanabelle Snack 20g - Thanks (4pcs)

  • Brand: Sanabelle
  • Product Code: SBH2062
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Sanabelle Thanks Snack is a tetrahedron-shaped pack for adult cats. Packed with the delicious liver meal; it will even be popular with fussy cats, snack comes in mini heart shapes.

Show your love with these heart snacks. Sanabelle Thanks Snacks are for between meals, shaped like a heart, which is the perfect size for chewing. The delicious snacks are packed into a practical, small pack that keeps each little snack constantly fresh.

Sanabelle Thanks Snacks contain a large portion or liver meal (poultry) making the snack simply irresistible.


poultry meat meal, animal fat, corn, wheat meal, barley, meat greaves (dried), liver meal, wheat, meat hydrolysate, salmon meal, meat meal, whole egg (dried), dried beet pulp, linseed, dry brewer's yeast, sodium chloride.