Vitakraft Crispy Crunch with Maltz 60g

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With these irresistibly delicious crispy pillows , your cat will love to spoil you! Every bite offers the tummy tiger a new little surprise thanks to the creamy filling . In addition, Crispy Crunch convinces with malt through a concrete additional benefit, because the crunchy snack promotes the natural elimination of hair swallowed during grooming . Crispy Crunch - active against hairballs!

  • Crispy cereal pillows, creamy filled
  • For the prevention of hairballs
  • With malt
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • In resealable bag


Cereals (wheat, rice) 
Meat and animal by-products (poultry) 
Vegetable by-products (malt 10%, lignocellulose 4%, powdered cellulose) 
Oils and fats 
Vegetable protein extracts