Rubeku Ceramic Water Fountain 2.1L

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Bring your cats closer to nature when they drink using Rubeku Ceramic Water Fountain 2.1L.

This self-circulating water fountain mimics how a natural spring operates. Your cats will feel as if they are drinking from a real natural spring! Furthermore, the soothing sound from the soft flow of water pique’s your cat interest and helps to encourage your cat to drink from the fountain.

With a multi-filtration system, it ensures that there is always fresh and clean water cleared of impurities, foreign matter and dirt for your kitties to enjoy.

Ceramic fountain is kitty-safe and free from chemicals and lead. The material is highly durable as it is high temperature resistant and doesn’t scratch easily. It is also the purr-fect solution for kitties allergic to plastic material and prevents chin acne.

  • Spring design, self-circulating water fountain
  • High heat resistance
  • Ultra-fine foam filter and High lodine value ccoconut shell activated carbon
  • Silent water pump
  • Durable ceramic material with elegant style
  • Prevents chin acne
  • Cultivate good drinking habits

Size : 8 x 16 x 27 cm

Capacity: 2.1L

Material : Pottery