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Cat crystal litter                    

Crystal litter is made from silica gel, an absorbent material that traps moisture and odours. Because it is a non-clumping litter, you'll need to change out the entire litter pan regularly.


Is crystal litter good for cats?  

Yes, crystal cat litter is a healthy option. As it is dust and toxin-free, it can be used safely by cats with allergies and asthma. It also reduces the amount of dust and pollutants that gather onto your cats’ fur when they use the litter box.


Do cats not like crystal litter?      

It depends on your individual cats’ preferences. But generally speaking, crystal litter is an option that is gaining popularity. Some cats like the dry and durable texture of silica gel beads. Hence, this encourages them to use their litter box without being fussy about what’s under their paws.


Which crystal litter is the best?  

We recommend the crystal litter from Japan’s #1 cat toiletry brand, Unicharm.


Unicharm Silica Deodorizing Litter Refill Unscented.

-Odour absorbed in micropores for powerful deodorizing

-A 4L bag can effectively last up to 2 months in a single-cat household

-Because litter is non-clumping, no scooping is needed

-Quick-drying, keeping the surface clean and dry at all times

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Can I mix crystal litter with regular litter?

Yes, it is safe to mix crystal litter with regular litter. Because cats are creatures of habit, we recommend mixing crystal litter with the existing litter that your kitty is currently using at first. Eventually, you can fill the whole litter pan with crystal litter. This is a good strategy to use when introducing cats to crystal litter.


Is clumping or non-clumping litter better?      

Crystal litter does not clump. There are pros and cons to both clumping and non-clumping litter. The type of litter that you prefer all depends on what you prioritise.


Clumping litter

Non-clumping litter


With clumping litter, the waste is contained in tight clumps that can be easily scooped away

Although it does not clump, it can still absorb moisture well


Less affordable

More affordable


You need to remove soiled litter clumps regularly

No need to scoop away waste. You just need to empty the litter box.


Excellent odour control

Good odour control


Is blue crystal litter safe for cats?     

Yes, the blue granules inhibit bacteria growth, contributing to a clean litter box


Benefits of Crystal Litter  

- Typically dust-free, doing much to keep the area around your cat's litter box clean

- Effective odour control, helping your living environment to stay odour-free

- Highly convenient option because it eliminates the need for scooping and lasts significantly longer than other types of litter.