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Cat Paper Litter   

Made from recycled paper, paper litter is much lighter than clay litter. Thus, this makes refilling your cat litter box very much easier. Of course, other amazing traits (e.g. eco-friendly, low tracking, highly absorbent) make it such an appealing option.



Which paper litter is the best?      

We recommend Whiskers2Tail paper litter.

Whiskers2Tail Premium Clumping Paper Cat Litter is a super lightweight litter made from recycled paper. This eco-friendly litter weighs three times lesser than conventional clay litters and comes with an ultra low-tracking formula that takes away the weariness from everyday clean-ups.

The uniquely designed Whiskers2Tail paper pellets clump upon contact with liquids and effectively neutralise unpleasant odours with their anti-bacterial properties and superior odour control. These ultra-absorbent pellets absorb up to three times their weight and form clumps that can be safely flushed down the toilet.


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Can cats use paper litter? Is paper cat litter safe for kittens?

Yes, definitely. Since paper litter is dust-free, it's often recommended for kittens and post-operative cats — those who have recently been spayed or neutered, and those who have open wounds, incisions, or sores.



Can I flush paper litter? 

Yes, many brands of paper litter can be flushed down the toilet bowl in small quantities.



How often should you change paper litter?   

Typically, you will need to change your paper litter at least twice a week.



What type of litter is best for the environment?

All-natural litter is the best for the environment. For example, paper litter is an eco-friendly option.



Benefits of Paper Litter   

-Eco-friendly: more environmentally friendly than clay litter as paper litter is biodegradable plus compostable

-Dust-free: protects your precious pets’ respiratory health by reducing the risk of allergies

-Low-tracking: minimises the amount of time that you need to spend cleaning up litter that is outside the litter box