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Pine Cat Litter

Made from all-natural materials, pine litters are renowned for their great odour control and refreshing scent of nature. These litter pellets are compostable, flushable and eco-friendly – and can even serve as garden fertiliser. Along with their soft texture and high absorbency, pine litters are the preferred options for cat owners when it comes to easy clean-ups. 


Is pine litter safe for cats?

Yes, pine litter is generally safe for cats. Just make sure that the litter is made from natural wood fibers. Furthermore, it should not include phenol and chemical additives.


How do you clean pine litter?

Typically, pine litter does not clump. Instead, wet pellets will turn into sawdust and fall to the bottom of the litter box where they can be easily removed. Use a litter scoop to remove the faeces and sawdust.


What is your best pine litter?

Our best pine litter product is Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter:

Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Cat Litter is a premium, all-natural pine wood litter that neutralises strong odours on contact - leaving you always with the natural scent of fresh pine and an effortless clean-up experience. With two times more superior odour control than the average pine wood cat litter, Whiskers2Tail biodegradable pine pellets lock away unpleasant odours to ensure that your home never smells of kitty mess. 

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Benefits of pine litter

-Excellent odour control: when cleaned regularly, pine litter keeps your home stench-free

-Ecofriendly: compostable as they can serve as garden fertiliser

-Comfortable: Soft sawdust shavings are gentle on kitty paws