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Sand/Clay Cat Litter

As one of the most basic types of cat litter, sand litter is often used to transition outdoor cats to an indoor life. It can also be the more economical litter choice for those who prefer thoroughly cleaning out the litter box every day. On the other hand, clay cat litter is considered as a “starter litter” for kittens. Highly-absorbent clay litter forms into solid clumps that make litter box scooping & cleaning relatively easy for cat owners.


Do cats need sand to poop? Can I use sand instead of cat litter?     

Many cats like to use sand to poop, probably because it reminds them of their early beginnings as desert-dwelling creatures.

However, sand litter is a much better option than regular sand. This is because sand doesn’t absorb ammonia ions. As such, sand litter neutralises odour better than sand. Furthermore, sand leaves messy tracks everywhere in your house and doesn’t clump.



Is sand litter good for cats?

Yes, it is a safe option.



What is the best sand litter for cats?       

Our top cat sand litter brand is Snappy. Snappy’s award-winning cat sand litter offers superb odour control as well as minimises litter tracking and dust. Learn more about it here.

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Benefits of Sand Litter    

 -Natural option that many cats instinctively like, encouraging your cats to use their litter boxes

-Superb odour control that helps to keep your house stench-free

-Low dust to preserve your cats’ respiratory health