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Cat Litter

When it comes to cat litter, you’ll want to look for the one that keeps your kitty happy and comfortable. From natural tofu / green pea cat litter to sand and biodegradable paper /pinewood formulas, cat owners are simply spoiled for choice when it comes to cat litter.

Not sure what to look for? Conventional clumping cat litters are designed for easy clean-ups, with dust-free and unscented options for sensitive felines. If changing out litter once a week sounds like a chore, silica crystal litters might also be something of interest to you.

Shop for our top-rated cat litters at Catsmart which includes Snappy, Whiskers2Tail Pine Wood Litter, Whiskers2Tail Premium Clumping Paper Cat Litter and Unicharm Zeolite Pellets Litter.

Choosing the right cat litter for your cats

It is important to choose the right litter for you and your pets depending on your preferences and those of your cats. There are many different types of litter for you to choose from: Pine Cat Litter, Paper Cat Litter, Tofu Cat Litter and Bean Green Pea Cat Litter.
Pine Cat Litter
All-natural pine wood litter that neutralises strong odours on contact - leaving you always with the natural scent of fresh pine and an effortless clean-up experience.
Paper Cat Litter
A super lightweight litter made from recycled paper with an ultra low-tracking formula that eliminates the weariness of daily cleaning.
Tofu Cat Litter
An eco-friendly litter made from all-natural and biodegradable tofu that offers superior odour control and ultra-absorbent capacity.
Bean Green Pea Cat Litter
A 100% biodegradable green pea litter that stands out from the rest. It is an organic formula that contains no synthetic chemicals or dye and sodium bentonite that is safe for cats and kittens.

How often should I change my cat's litter?

Ideally, clean your litter tray or box every day and replace the litter at least once a week.

How much cat litter is needed?

It is usually recommended to use a 3 or 4-inch litter cover in the box. You need enough litter for your cat to cover its waste, but it's easy to go overboard.

Which cat litter is more environmentally friendly?

One of the best choices you can make for your cat and its environment is to choose a biodegradable cat litter. Those that do not contain clay or silica dust are generally considered to be more environmentally friendly.

When to start litter box training kittens?

You can start litter training kittens when they are 3 weeks old. Make sure the litter box is suitable for kittens so they can go in and out easily.

Where should I put the cat litter box?

We recommend that you place the litter box in a private and quiet place. A good spot to put the litter box is your bathroom and keep the door open when it is not in use. Try to prevent your cats from having to go up and downstairs to use the litter box.