what cat owners say
Ng Wei Liang
Easy and fuss free. Good quality stuff.
CatSmart has been such a blessing when it comes to getting good quality cat supplies for an older kitty, you don’t have to sift through any infamously bad or “budget" seeming choices in any category but somehow everything’s still so affordable! Packaging for a lot of stuff is adorable too, that’s always a plus in my book.
Wendy Yang
The staff at CatSmart are very helpful. They are able to give good advice on what cat food and what cat litter I should use. The advice has definitely helped a first-time cat owner like myself!
Nadiah Abdul Khalid
CatSmart has a wide range of cat food and accessories which are both suitable and affordable. I purchase all my cat supplies from CatSmart only.
I have 10 cats and they have been introduced to poor quality food from another pet's mart which only wanted to clear stocks. But the staffs in CatSmart actually introduced me to various type of good quality wet and dry foods for my cats and it actually helps.. They love their new varieties. This is way beyond customer satisfaction. I've been buying from CatSmart from Jalan Leban for 6 months now and am very happy with the service rendered!
Being a catmum to 9 kitties is never easy but CatSmart have always made it a breeze to get all my supplies from CatSmart. Quality products and at affordable rates, i am now a loyal customer for years and never once regretted engaging with CatSmart. I always order in bulks and CatSmart will sometimes treat my kitties with freebies. Thank you team CatSmart for easing all pawrents' duties with our furbabies. My one-stop go-to shop for cat supplies and will always continue to support them :)
Alice Wee
I love to shop with CatSmart for the convenient shopping online or at the outlet. There are a good variety of cat supplies at reasonable price. Staff are friendly in asnwering our queries too.
Alexis Tan
I have been using CatSmart for the longest time, i appreciate that they'll call me to sort out logistical issues when my item is OOS and offer to swap items and refunding the balance, etc. Delivery is also quite fast in my opinion.
Zakkiah Parvin Parvin
Visited Loyang Point a few times. Staff there are knowledgeable and helpful. Friendly folks.
Pauline Tang
Very happy with service at CatSmart. Always get good recommendation on products and my cat loves it.
Winnie Ong
The staffs at Bukit Batok branch are friendly and helpful. They helped me to reserve the litter which is often OOS. One of the Filipino guy actually help me carry the heavy items out to my car every time. Despite the convenience of ordering online, their excellence service deserves my time to buy the cat supplies in store.
Adriana Ramdzan
Very fast and delivery and efficient.
Thanks for a smooth and efficient experience. It's difficult to find a shop that has an easy checkout and overall buying process. Appreciate the value and the variety on the website as well
Nur Aini
Shopping at CatSmart is a pleasurable experience with its friendly staff, the pleasant-smelling shop, and most of all, the lovely cats wandering around! CatSmart is usually my preferred place for buying things for my cats because of this.
Nurulhuda Mohamed din
Staff was nice friendly.. and also love the cat at the shop..
Alvin Chew
I like the variety of products.
Lidiawati Khairudin
The place is very clean. All the staff members are very helpful and friendly. I have been buying my cat’s food from them for about 4 years now. They have great discounts and members can redeem points. Recommended to my friends and family members.
Hilman Qimza
Friendly and sincere staff who took pride in what they are doing. The place is neat and clean too.
Atiqah Azhar
The place is a cat owner’s heaven! A very neat and organised place with friendly staff who are always there to lend a helping hand and answer any questions if we have. Would definitely recommend to go for cat owners!
Petrina Lam
Excellent service and friendly staff who have great knowledge of the cats and sharing of tips. Very happy and love the shopping experience and will definitely come again. Thank you very much for being caring for customers.
Love shopping at CatSmart. There's plenty of variety which are priced reasonably. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Ordering online is always a breeze as well.
Catsmart offers a much wider variety of cat products than other retailers. I love their wide range of accessories such as cat beds and scratchers. Plus, they stock new products quickly and have a great choice of things/food from which to spoil our feline furbabies!
Our scheduled weekend stopover without fail. Although we usually placed our orders online however my daughter simply love swinging by to peek at the cats and also grab some treats whenever we are there. This place has more votes over a playground! :)
We have gotten a BSH kitten from Catsmart. It was an absolutely pleasant experience. As first time cat owners, the staffs had provided us with tremendous support that made the transition period for us and the kitten a smooth one! Thanks Rey, Lanz and Lemon for taking great care of our kitten while she had a short staycation there. Will be back soon to get more supplies!
Love the shopping experience at Catsmart. The staff are so friendly & helpful. The shop has a pleasant smell. My kids enjoy playing with the beautiful roaming cats. And let me warn you. Once you enter, you wouldn't want to leave the place so soon!!
Outstanding customer service! Shoutout to the ever helpful and obliging guys - Lance, Del, Ray, and Francis. Very friendly and knowledgeable too - advising on what's good for the cats. What tops it all is that these guys always offer help to carry the stuff to our car! Amazing effort! Items are organised neatly and shop is clean + nice-smelling. Very excited to drop by the shop whenever my cat's supplies are running low. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended!
A shop dedicated just for cats. What more do you need? Love this place that I can all I need for my 4 boys. Only a cat lover would open such a place just for cats :)
Mad love for how accommodating and knowledgable Catsmart staff are! I just recently adopted my cats and was deciding on which pet store I should shop at, thankfully I came across Catsmart while googling for reliable pet stores to deliver. I have to say, Catsmart is the only store with the most variety of products for cats. I come back monthly to purchase my goods ;)
I love shopping with Catsmart online and offline. Offer a good number of varieties online and speedy delivery. Even offline, always serving with a smile and super friendly!
Varieties of cat food and accessories. Friendly and knowledgeable staffs. Makes me wanna come again and again.
CatSmart makes shopping for my cats needs a breeze. It's convenient and at affordable prices. Customer service is also great and I love that the team are knowledgeable about the products and give great recommendation.
I enjoy both the Catsmart online and retail store shopping experience. It is really convenient to order stuff online and have it delivered to your place. The friendly staff in the retails stores provide excellent customer service as well. My kitties approve this message!
I love how Catsmart has a wide variety of cat food/toys and other items for our furbabies. The staff are very helpful and knowledgable and any enquiries instore or via the phone is tended to asap. Delivery is also arranged quickly and to our convenience. I only purchase from catsmart now.(",)
Had found this cat petshop accidentally. The sales staff are very friendly. The boss is a also very friendly and helpful. Had been to the shop every month for the past 2 years. Now I find it easier to purchase online.
Have always been getting stuff for my furbabies at catsmart from te 1St till te 9th furbaby.. Affordable price, friendly staff and great place to shop and it's near to our place.. And they help me check if antg that I nid is available before I go down to the shop.. I'm just another hapi mummy to be able to get furbabies stuff all at one go.. Thank You CatSmart
This is the best cat store around. Been doing my shopping for all my cats both at the shops and online. Ordering was a breeze. And delivery was prompt too. Staff are all very friendly and not too mention the resident cats at Jln leban outlet were so cute! Definitely a pleasant shopping experience ????????
I just love shopping a catsmart..be it online or at the shop. It's easy and convenient...and when I drop by at the shop at Jln Leban, I love to play with the resident cats! They are so lovely...
Very well-stocked shop with wide purriety of goods to suit every purrpose, and at great prices too! I'm glad to be located near Catsmart; I've not been to another pet supplies store since they opened!
Catsmart is my go-to pet store. The staff there are helpful and friendly. I visit outlets such as the ones at Loyang Point and Jalan Leban. I remember stepping into the Jalan Leban outlet for the very first time becos i needed to find a solution to my cat who was peeing around the hse. My family almost bought smh we didnt need but fortunately a staff told us that we didnt need to and all we needed to do was to wash the floor with vinegar and hot water. His advise worked!
It was really convenient....!! n wat made it more fantastic was the super fast delivery...! my dear furkids n I luv ur service...! Thank u...!
It was really convenient....!! n wat made it more fantastic was the super fast delivery...! my dear furkids n I luv ur service...! Thank u...!
I've always love Catsmart. Prices are very affordable. Shopping online is a breeze on their website.
Convenient to order online delivery was very accurate with friendly delivery man and helpful.
I don’t know what you guys did but after Jaime’s first professional grooming session, he LOVES playing with water!! It used to be so hard to give him a bath. Now it’s such a breeze!! He’ll keep still while I shampoo and rinse for him. So thank you for your wonderful service and for making him enjoy being groomed! Will definitely be back for another session. :)
Catsmart always have the cheapest price and there service is the best.
I have been purchasing from Catsmart, both online and from the store at Jalan Leban, for a couple of years now. I've been very satisfied with the range of products, great customer service and knowledgeable staff to date.
Great service. Lots of choices and promotion. Reasonable price.
Cat lovers heaven :)
A wonderful place with good service and wide variety of accessories+food+resonable pricing.
I bought some cat litter and a packet of dried food for my cats. The delivery was quick and prices were competitive! Would patronise again.
Love spending for my cats essentials here! Many varieties to choose from and reasonable pricing too.
So far the cheapest pet food that I can find online. Prompt and friendly service.
Good prices with prompt delivery. Great service as well.
It's a one-stop shop for all your kitty's needs.
Have being using the Seedo natural green tea cat litters for months, it's convenient to buy at Catsmart and they would delivery to my home on rather specific timing indicated.
Well I’m glad I’m able to find you guys for my furboy !! Thank you for the attractive price I will place more orders from you.
I buy my cat’s wet food (Zealandia kangaroo meat) by the carton and I find the price at Catsmart the most economical among all the other online pet shops.
Catsmart is the best place to shop for all various cat products ????
Always bought my cat stuff with catsmart . Its been a great experience shopping here !
Always a positive experience both online and in store (At Loyang Point). The staff are helpful and responsive. Pricing is generally competitive too.

While cats tend to be more subtle in their affections, there’s no doubt that they make the most endearing companions with their fascinating personalities and independent nature. It’s remarkable how these little ones are capable of bringing so much joy to our lives, and we believe in returning their affections by giving them the very best. Needless to say, we love what we do - and that is why we do it.

Cat lovers will agree on this one - the sky’s the limit when it comes to pampering our kitties. And as the nation’s largest cat speciality store, CatSmart is your one-stop retail paradise for all-things feline. 

From human-grade Cat Food to irresistible lil’ Cat Treats and all-natural Cat Litter, we provide the widest range of premium cat products in Singapore at competitive prices. In fact, swing by any of our physical stores and get ready to be wowed by our extensive assortment of both functional and stylish feline items. 

As dedicated pet owners ourselves, we believe in elevating every aspect of your experience with us through exceptional customer service. Above all, your cat’s health and well-being matters to us - because our success is measured by the happiness of our customers and the felines we serve.

Our team consists of a highly focused and specialised group of pet lovers who are all cat experts in their own fields – which ranges from cat behavior to feline nutrition. Got a question on why your cat is behaving in a particular way? Check out our Blog

With our wide range of premium cat supplies and expertise on all-things feline, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands when you shop at CatSmart. There’s no time to waste, drop by our retail stores or simply shop with us from the comfort of your mobile phone.