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Unicharm: The #1 Cat Toiletry Brand In Japan
Cleanliness comes first
Cleanliness is the first law of health. As such, pet hygiene is a key pillar of your furry friend’s physical health. Because Unicharm wants everyone to live a healthy, happy life from the day they come into this world, it manufactures an assortment of excellent pet hygiene products that convert discomfort into comfort. ...

It hopes to provide powerful support for the minds and bodies of its customers and their pets, relieving them of some of the burdens of their lives and enabling them to better focus their efforts on making their dreams come true.


Promoting animal wellbeing
Motivated by the meaningful mission of promoting wellbeing, the Japanese multinational corporation was born in 1961. From then on, it has been dedicating itself wholeheartedly to specialising in the production of superb pet hygiene products. Some striking, best-selling Unicharm products include the ...Zeolite cat litter which repels nasty smells from your closed room for 1 week, as well as its ingenious two-tier cat litter bin system that makes cat waste management a breeze.

Unicharm has definitely left a remarkable legacy over these 60 plus years, empowering pet owners all over the globe to take charge of their pets’ hygiene and wellness. It is now the #1 cat toiletry brand in Japan and has operations in 80 countries such as Korea, China, the United States, and Canada.


Building a more sustainable world
Beyond promoting animal wellness, Unicharm also aspires to forge a cohesive society where pets and people live in harmony along with the global environment.

... To safeguard the well-being of our planet, it spearheads activities that help to take care of our environment (e.g. development of eco-friendly products and promotion of product recycling).


Providing pets with a healthy, clean and comfortable life
Unicharm Deo-toilet System
Unicharm offers a wide range of litter-related products that will delight you and your feline.

Its comprehensive dual-layer odour control structure includes everything you need for your cat's toilet needs (a cat litter box, tray, pellet refill, absorbent pad refill and a scoop), so that shopping for your cat becomes simple.
Outstanding odour control:
The litter's zeolite and silica formula securely absorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odours. Rejoice in the fact that your home will smell awesome again with minimal effort involved, lifting your mood sky-high.
The litter is anti-tracking so they hardly stick to your cat's paws. Hence, you can minimise time spent on cleaning litter that is spilt outside the litter box and free up your time to engage in other more fun activities.
Maximises cat comfort:
There is a wide space so that your cat has ample room in its toilet. The low front design makes it easy for your feline to enter. Finally, the absorbent pads will swiftly absorb cat urine, so that your cat can reap the benefits of a clean, dry bathroom.
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Unicharm Deodorising Beads
Add this cat litter additive to your feline’s litter to better neutralise any foul smells. This additive keeps your home smelling fresh—just the way you want it to be!

The beads are available in multiple pleasant scents such as floral, natural and garden. Depending on you and your cat’s preference, you can pick the scent that best suits both of your likings.

The beads are compatible with all types of cat litter except septic-safe litter.
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Unicharm Deo-Clean Pet Wipes
Keeping your cat clean has never been easier! Made with 99% pure water, Unicharm’s durable pet wipes use ingredients that are safe for pets to lick. Pet wipes' pure water formula easily dissolves dirt and repels odours, so that your feline can feel and look amazing.

The palm-sized wet wipes can be easily taken out with one hand while holding your pet, transforming pet hygiene maintenance into a hassle-free task
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