Cat Hammock Hookable with Stopper
With this Cat Hammock, the curious cats in your household can keep an eye on their indoor & outd..
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Nyanta Club Hammock Shape Bed
30 x 30 x 18cm..
S$69.60 S$81.90
Nyanta Club Hammock Shape Mat
45 x 32 x 2cm..
S$38.75 S$45.60
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Cat Hammock Bed

Cats that live exclusively indoors can easily become bored. This is why your cat often spends a significant amount of the day looking out of the window – they have an unfulfilled longing for the outside.
Give your cat the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching and snoozing spot with the hammock bed. A hammock bed offers a comfortable, secure, elevated perch for your cat to enjoy. 

Just like that favourite leather couch of yours, a high-quality, comfortable cat hammock can provide a sense of warmth, security and comfort. Not only will this be the ultimate sanctuary for your cat, it will also help reduce the amount of messy hair off your furniture!