8 in 1 Excel Itch Relief Hydrocortisone Spray with Aloe Vera 118ml
Excel Itch Relief Hydrocortisone Spray is an 8-in-1 formula designed to provide soothing relief..
S$18.90 S$21.00
8 in 1 Excel Kittymalt Hairball Remedy Paste (Long Hair) 70g
Prevents and eliminates Hairball, Formulated for Long-Hair breeds easy to administer Ac..
S$13.15 S$14.60
Absolute Plus Scram Animal Repellent 300mL
We understand that accidents happen and sometimes it’s hard to get rid of that stench of urine odour..
S$15.40 S$18.10
Absolute Plus Ultimate Colloidal Silver 118.25ml
It is said that “every cloud has a silver lining”. In this case, the lining is literally made of sil..
S$39.00 S$45.90
AFP Valerian Calming Diffuser Jasmin 30ml
Calming Diffuser with natural essential oils to help calm your pets at home. Easy to use. ..
S$26.30 S$30.90
AFP Valerian Calming Refill Jasmin 30ml
Calming Diffuser Refill. ..
S$17.20 S$20.20
Beaphar Calming Tablets (20)
Beaphar Calming Tablets for pets are a completely natural way to help your pet feel calm and happy. ..
S$13.55 S$15.90
Beaphar Worming Granules For Cat & Kittens 4s
Beaphar Worming Granules for cats and kittens is an easy, no-nonsense answer to routine worming of c..
S$19.10 S$22.50
Beaphar Wound Ointment 30mL
Beaphar Wound Ointment can be used for the management of superficial skin wounds, dry or chapped ski..
S$12.05 S$14.20
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