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Ideal for all cat breeds, Finesse Plus+ wet food is specially formulated by feline experts, tailored to our cat’s specific health concerns and needs to help maintain their optimal health.

Keep your cat's palette satisfied with this assortment of palatable and nutritious gourmet cat food flavours.

Key Benefits:

Healthy Vision And Growth 

Carrots contain Vitamin A And Can Aid In The Prevention Of Cataracts And Other Eye Diseases In Cats

Digestive Care 

Sweet Potato Is Beneficial To The Digestive System Since They Include Dietary Fiber As Well As Important Vitamins Such As A, B6, And C. Which Can Contribute To Our Cat's Digestive Tract Being Healthy.

Healthy Weight

Apple Is Low In Calories And High In Dietary Fiber, So It Can Help Your Cat Lose Or Maintain Weight And Support A Healthy Digestive System.

Urinary Care 

Cranberries Include Dietary Fiber, Manganese, Vitamin K And Tannins, Which Help Prevent Bacteria like E. coli (the most frequent cause of UTIs) from clinging to the wall of your cat's urinary tract. As a result, your cat's urinary system will be healthy and free of infection.

Hairball Control 

Papayas are high in vitamins A and E, which are vital to keeping the coat of your cat healthy and preventing them from hair loss; these vitamins also regulate cell growth and act as natural antioxidants. Papaya also has soft, easily digestible flesh and a significant quantity of soluble dietary fibre, which aids digestion and protein absorption, reducing the development of hairballs.

Immunity Booster

Mango includes Vitamin A, which can help your cat stay healthy by boosting their muscles and nerves to keep them operating well - which in turn serves to strengthen their immune system.  

Unique Recipes
Suitable For All Life Stages With Added Vitamins & Taurine

Healthy Spring
Water Formula Contains Natural Vitamins & Minerals To Keep Cat’s Health Well-Balanced 

NO Artificial
Preservatives Or Flavours

Here are a few mouth-watering, complete and nutritious flavours of Finesse Plus Grain-Free Wet Food that you can choose from to let your feline enjoy a delicious full meal every day:

Series :

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Apple (Healthy Weight) 

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Carrot  (Healthy Vision & Growth) 

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Cranberry (Urinary Care) 

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Mango (Immunity Booster)  

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Papaya (Hairball Control) 

Finesse Plus Grain-Free Chicken and Tuna with Sweet Potato (Digestive Care)


About Finesse

About Finesse

Ideal for all cat breeds, Finesse Grain-free wet food is formulated by feline experts with carefully selected natural ingredients and vitamins to provide our cats, of all ages in every stage of life with the nutritional values required for healthy growth.

The best cat food is the food that your cats are willing to eat. Finesse has a good range of cat food from dry to wet, jelly to gravy, to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Choose between 2 of the most common food bases, chicken and tuna, made into jelly and gravy. If your cat can speak, it would say “this is the best cat food!”

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