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Kelly&Co's Freeze-Dried Formulas are made with the freshest, human-grade ingredients. Constituting 93% duck organs and bone as well as 7% whole fruits and vegetables, this freeze-dried raw meal provides complete and balanced nutrients for cats.


​​​Kelly&Co's has been working closely with farmers, vets and their communities to ensure that the food that they produce is the very best.


-Grain and gluten-free to reduce the risk of allergies

-Nothing artificial (e.g. no added hormones or antibiotics and steriods)
-Natural with added vitamins and minerals

-Feeding a raw diet supports digestion, improves oral health, boosts immune system, enhances skin health and alleviates grain allergies



Duck, duck and ground bone, duck gizzard, tapioca, pumpkin, duck liver, papaya, carrot, spinach, purple cabbage, coconut, apple, broccoli, kale, sunflower seeds, acadian kelp, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, vitamins and minerals, rosemary extract, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, alfalfa, quinoa


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min): 49%

Crude Fat (Min): 31%

Crude Fiber (Max): 1%

Crude Moisture (Max): 5%

Energy 467kcal/100g


Suggested Feeding Guidelines

Serve as it is or rehydrate by adding cool or warm water. To rehydrate, add 1 cup for every 10 grams.


Serving size depends on the cat’s weight and activity level.

2kg: 26-31g

4kg: 44-52g

6kg: 59-71g

8kg: 73-88g